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The peseta was introduced in 1869 after Spain joined the Latin Monetary Union in 1868. The Spanish Law of June 26, 1864 decreed that in preparation for joining the Latin Monetary Union , the peseta became a subdivision of the peso with 1 peso duro = 5 pesetas. The peseta replaced the escudo at a rate of 5 pesetas = 1 peso duro = 2 escudos.  Was the currency of Spain between 1869 and 2002. The Banco de España started issuing these 5 Spanish Peseta coins in 1989. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2002. The gold-colored Spanish piece of 5 ptas exists in many different design variations, each one issued to commemorate people, events or places in Spain like, the Islas Baleares. We exchange all 5 Pesetas coins dated 1989 and later.
Dimensions 17.5x1.8 mm
Locations Spain
Product Currencies Spanish Pesetas
Series Outmoded Spanish Pesetas Coins
Tender Types Coins
Place Logroño
Composition material Aluminium-Bronze
Colour Bronze
Text La Rioja - a Province and Autonomous Community of Northern Spain
Object Porch of Revellín and Tower of The Church of Santa María de Palacio of Logroño, Dancer on Stilts, Grapes, Crowned M
Years 1996
Weight 3 g

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