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Exchange Rate $70.00

The schilling was the currency of Austria from 1924 to 1938 & 1945 to 1999, and the circulating currency until 2002. The euro was introduced at a fixed parity of €1 = 13.7603 schilling to replace it. The schilling was divided into 100 groschen. Although the euro became the official currency of Austria in 1999, euro coins & notes were not introduced until 2002. Old schilling denominated coins & notes were phased out from circulation because of the introduction of the euro by 28 February of that year. Schilling banknotes & coins which were valid at the time of the introduction of the euro will remain exchangeable for euros at any branch of the (Oesterreichische Nationalbank) indefinitely. The Oesterreichische Nationalbank started issuing these 1000 Austrian Schilling banknotes in 1997. The note of tausend schilling has the image of Karl Landsteiner, Austrian biologist.

Dimensions 153 x 70 mm
Locations Austria
Product Currencies Austrian Schilling
Series Outmoded Austrian Schilling Banknotes
Tender Types Banknotes
Composition material Paper
Colour Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow
Person Karl Landsteiner
Profession Biologist - Physician
Text 1000 - Tausend Schilling
Object Geometric Shape - Laboratory - Mircoscope - Working
Years 1997

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