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Exchange Rate $0.65

The Zambian kwacha was first issued in 1968 to replace the Zambian pound. Seven emissions of the first kwacha are known to exist, while only one emission of the second kwacha was introduced in circulation on January 1, 2013, and still existing since then, on the same day, the new redenominated currency became the legal tender of Zambia.

The obverse of the new currency features four common features, and a single unique feature for each one of them. The common features are the African fish Eagle with the coat of arms and each banknote features a unique indigenous tree from the abundant forests covering the country.
The reverse features the Freedom Statue in Lusaka, There is also a unique depiction of wildlife in Zambia, together with an activity based theme on each reverse of the six banknotes.
The 10 Kwacha banknote obverse depicts the Sugar Plum Tree, and the reverse Farmers harvesting wheat and a Porcupine.
Dimensions 145x70mm
Locations Zambia
Product Currencies Zambian Kwacha
Series Current Zambian Kwacha Banknotes
Tender Types Banknotes
Place Liberty Monument (Lusaka)
Animal Fish eagle, Porcupine
Composition material Paper
Colour Green, Brown, White, Yellow
Text 10 Kwacha Bank of Zambia
Object Tree, Fieldwork, Liberty Monument, Plants, People
Years 2013-2015

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