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Exchange Rate $2.90

The Colombian peso is the official currency circulating in Colombia since 1810, the year in which it replaced the real, the legal tender until that date. After a series of changes, in 1871 Colombia adopted the gold standard, pegging the peso to the French franc on an exchange rate of one peso to five francs, a rate which was maintained until 1886. The convertibility of Colombian pesos into gold came to an end in 1931. Despite all this, the banknotes issued by the Bank of the Republic continued bearing their denominations in golden pesos until 1993, when a lawsuit filed by ex-senator Pablo Victoria before the State Council caused the word “golden” and the phrase “will pay the bearer” to be removed from all banknotes. As of November 30, 1995, the $ 10,000 bill was put into circulation. With this ticket, the Bank of the Republic pays homage to our heroine of Independence, Policarpa Salavarrieta. The bravery and final martyrdom of this legendary woman, made her the national heroine par excellence and an example of collaboration of the emancipation.

Dimensions 140 × 70 mm
Locations Colombia
Product Currencies Colombian Peso
Series Current Colombian Peso Banknotes
Tender Types Banknotes
Place Guaduas
Composition material Paper
Colour Reddish brown
Person Policarpa Salavarrieta
Profession Heroine of Independence
Text 10000 Mil Pesos Banco De La República Colombia
Object Guaduas Main Plaza, Portrait, People, House, Animals
Years 1995

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