Transit and Parking

Do you work for a transportation authority that manages tolls, trains, busses, ferries, bridges, trollies, and/or subways? How about parking meters or private garages?

It is easy for foreign coins to get mixed in with domestic coins either by accident or on purpose. What do you do with these foreign coins? Well, you cannot take them to your local bank. Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange is has help many transprotation and parking authorities convert there foreign coin into spendable cash. We have worked with local and state authorities in many different states throughout the USA and even some in Canada. You can send us the foreign coins completely unsorted and mixed with everything that isn't domestic coinage. We will sort all of the coins by country and denomination for you and then pay you the rates posted on our site. Any coins that are no longer valid will be paid at a rate of $2.25 per pound. This turns something that was a problem and taking up space into usable funds.

If you have an extrmely large amount of foreign coins that weighs severl hundred pounds then we can help you set up the shipping by frieght.