Coin Jewelry: History and where to buy it

Coin Jewelry: History and where to buy it

Coins have always been great souvenirs to bring back home whether that means a Roman soldier returning from conquering other lands to your uncle traveling from Europe. Even more, coins make great gifts and commemorations and can be made into jewelry pieces, that feature antique as well as modern coins.

According to studies, coin jewelry is probably as old as currency itself. From ancient times, coins have been made into jewelry such as brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and other artifacts. Some coins were used as they were while others used coin-cutting techniques. Other craftsmanship uses in coin jewelry include what came to be known as “love tokens” or “sweetheart jewelry” which involved the engraving of names, words, and symbols on coins. According to popular culture, soldiers and sailors that were away for long periods and returned bearing these unique gifts crafted these pieces.

In fact, coin jewelry is an important form of history and many museums around the world exhibit Greek, Roman and Egyptian findings. Some are thought to be medals or honors to soldiers, while others evolved into keepsakes or valuable souvenirs that were made into jewelry. However, coin jewelry became increasingly important during the Victorian Era until modern times.

Nowadays, coins from every country can be made into all types of pieces. In recent times the Internet age has made these collectable pieces available to shoppers. In Etsy stores like CoinCutters you can find all types of rare pieces of coin jewelry at great prices. These are purchased as unique, beautiful and fashionable accessories, as a form of commemorating ancestry, national pride and even special trips and travels, as well as collection items.

In CoinCutters you can find coin bangles and bracelets, coin earrings, coin necklaces, coin pendants, coin keychains, coin rings and even wholesale to make your own! These pieces are handmade and you can find collectables, from pre-euro currencies like Italian Lira coins, Greek Drachma coins, French Franc, among others, to rare and amazing coins from around the world such as:

Arubian Coin


Ethipian Lion






They also have a great inventory of American pieces, some great finds are these earrings:


We invite you to go ahead and search through this interesting inventory and find pieces that suit your tastes, there are all kind of options. From coins from different continents, to currencies no longer in circulation, coin jewelry appeals to collector, coin aficionados and fashionistas alike. With a variety of styles and materials for vintage looks, rare coins and handmade craftsmanship, CoinCutters is a great place to shop, these pieces make amazing and thoughtful gifts as well!

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