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To see what rates we are paying for each coin/coin set simply scroll down to find what you have. If you do not see the coins/sets that you have please email us at with a detailed description of what you have along with close up pictures (front and back) and we will respond to you with an offer of what we will pay you for it. Simply print that email correspondence out and include it along with your packing list and coins and we will pay you the price we quoted you.

Coin/Set Rates We Pay per Coin/Set
Any Foreign Silver Coin- To get a quote email us with the Country the Date and the Denomination of each silver coin
British Sovereign 1817-2007 (gold) $220.00
Buffalo Nickel $.08 (8cents)
Bulk United States Coins 90% of face value
Canada Silver Maple Leaf $13.00
Foreign Proof and/or Mint Sets Please email specifics to us to recieve a quote
France Angle Franc 1871-1898 (gold) $150.00
IKE Dollar (non-silver) $1.00
Indian Head Penny $.10 (10cents)
Jefferson War Nickel 1942-1945(Must have oversized mint mark on back) $0.50 (50cents)
Liberty Double Eagle $920.00
Liberty Eagle $420.00
Liberty Gold Dollar Types 1,2,3 $35.00
Liberty Half Eagle $200.00
Liberty Quarter Eagle $75.00
Mint Set (1956-1964) $9.00
Mint Set (1968-1970) $1.75
Mint Set- 3 Piece Silver (1976) $5.00
NON-Silver Mint and Proof Set (any year) $1.15
Olympic Silver Proof Set (1984) $7.50
Pre-1936 (1935 and Older) US Silver Dollars-All Designs $12.00
Pre-1965 (1964 and Older) US Quarter- All Designs $1.75
Pre-1965(1964 and Older) US Dime-All Designs $0.75
Pre-1965(1964 and Older) US Half Dollar- All Designs $4.25
Prestige Silver Proof Set (1983-1997) $10.00
Proof Set (1950-1964) $8.00
Proof Set (1968-1970) 1.75
Proof Set- Silver (1992-1998) $8.00
Proof Set- Silver (1999-2011) $14.00
Proof Set-3 Piece Silver (1976) $6.00
Quarter Proof Set-Silver (2004-2011) $7.00
Saint Guardens Double Eagle $900.00
Shield Nickel $.15 (15cents)
Silver Bars and Rounds-.999silver (All Designs and All Companies) per oz $12.00
Silver Eagle (1986-Present) $13.00
Silver IKE Dollar $3.25
Special Mint Set (1965-1967) $2.00
Swiss Helvetia Franc 1897-1947 (gold) $125.00
United States Coins (not listed here) Please email us specifics to recieve a quote
US $1 Silver Certificates $1.05
US $5 Silver Certificates $5.05
US 1965-1970 Half Dollar $1.50
US Bicentennial Silver Proof Set (1976) $6.00
V-Nickel $.10 (10cents)
Wheat Penny $.02 (2cents)