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Business Services
Packing List Donate Your Currency and Coins Packing & Shipping Instructions

Business Services

1. I have a Vending Machine Business and I get a lot of foreign coins (especially Canadian) and I cannot deposit them and in good morals use them. Can you help me?
Yes we can. Simply fill out your packing list and ship your coins and packing list to us and we will pay you for your foreign coins.
2. I own a pawnshop and I buy foreign currency at an extremely deep discount. I have a hard time selling the currency. Can you help me?
We sure can help you. Simply fill out your packing list and ship the packing list along with any foreign coins and bills and we will pay you for them.
3. I own a restaurant and sometimes my waitresses are tipped with foreign currency. Until now I have had no way of helping them, can you?
Yes we can surely help out your waitresses Have them fill out a packing list and send it along with any foreign currency(bills or coins) and we will pay them for it.
4. I am the mayor of a small town and our town has a ton of foreign coins that people put in parking meters, vending machines and even pay taxes by passing them off as US coins. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! We have no way of using these foreign coins and if you could exchange them for it it would generate some much needed revenue for our town. Would you be interested in this?
Yes, We would be happy to help. Also, please let your surrounding towns know that we will be happy to help them as well.