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At Foreign Currency and Coin Exchnage we take great pride in helping people. It can be very frustrating when you travel and return to find that some of the foreign currency you have cannot be exchanged at the airport counter or even your bank. We are here to ease your frustrations. We will trade in any currency you have. It can be equally as frustrating if you have an old coin collection or just a few coins and you want to sell them. We are here to help you trade those old coins in as well. We could write all kinds of flowery language about how great we think we are but we believe that our customers do a much better job than we could at this. Please read a few of the many testimonials we have in the section below.


"Great business. Its always nice to get a check in the mail!
Sue S. Tallahassee, FL
"Its good to know that if I forget to change my foreign currency at the airport I still have a way to change them without having to go back to the airport."
Whitney J. Tampa, FL
"Been selling them my silver coins for the past few years. Glad yall finally went online."
Geoff L. Brunswick, GA
"I always have a ton of left over coins and small bills that I cant exchange at the airport. Thank you for doing what you do."
Dexter P. Austin, TX
"So glad I found this company. Pleased to do business with!!!!"
Sara J. Los Angeles, CA