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Pre-Euro & Obsolete Currency

To see what rates we are paying for each currency please scroll down to the country/currency you have. If you would prefer you can search for your currencies by clicking on the "search by" link and choose how you want to search. Then type in what you have and hit search.
Example: For Euros either scroll down to Eurozone and see rates or use the search feature and select "Currency Name" in the search by box. Then Type in Euro in the box and hit the search button.

Country Currency name Currency code Paper Bills We Buy Coins We Buy Conversion Rate We Pay
Austria Shilling ATS Yes Yes .056
Belgium Franc BEF Yes NO .022
Estonia Kroon EEK Yes Yes .03
Germany Mark DEM Yes Yes .42
Ireland Pound IEP Yes Yes 1.02
Luxembourg Franc LUF Yes NO .022
Obsolete Currency Obsolete Currency Obsolete Currency $.10(10cents) per bill $2.50 per pound(weight) of coins no rate
Portugal Escudo PTE Yes NO .0046
Slovakia Koruna SKK YES NO .015
Slovenia Tolar SIT Yes NONE .002
Spain Peseta ESP Yes Yes .0048