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At Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange we are here to serve our customers by helping them with all of their currency needs. We will exchange your foreign currency, bills and coins, from just about every country in the world. We buy silver coins, gold coins, collectible coins and sets as well. We will even buy your obsolete currency that has no exchange value anymore. We even have a commercial coin counter so if you have a bunch of U.S. coins you can ship them to us and we will count them for you. We buy from individuals and businesses and have no minimum or maximum amount that we will buy."

"Please see our rates page for what countries we buy and how much we pay. If you do not find your country on our rates list, we will still buy it using our obsolete currency rates.

Banks and exchanges counters are not interested in your foreign coins, older bills or small denomination bills. It can even be difficult to change in bills from countries less traveled but at Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange we will exchange all of your foreign currency for you. We even pay you for your obsolete currency that is no longer legal tender. So, if you have a handful of change left over from a recent vacation or if you have a stockpile of left over currency from travels abroad or you just inherited it we are your one stop shop for selling it all. We buy it all, foreign coins, small domination bills, older bills that are still legal tender and even obsolete coins and bills that are no longer legal tender. We will even exchange the bills and coins from countries that the banks and exchange counters will not.